Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dress Quest

So I’m day two into trying my damndest to fit into That Dress. So far, so crazy. I’ve gotten in some decent exercise both days. My biggest difficulty will be resisting food cravings when they sprout up, and I’ve got more triggers than a Lone Ranger conference (thank you, I’m here all week). Boredom, anxiety, sleepiness, sadness and frustration all make me want to eat. So do daily associations (i.e. I regularly snack while playing on my computer) and I’m a sucka’ for the power of suggestion (I’m a marketing guy’s wet dream; I see an ad for ice cream, I want; drive by a sushi place, I want; read about food on someone’s blog, drooooool…)

I have a couple of strategies. The biggest one in my arsenal is to get up early to hit the gym, thus forcing me to go to bed early as nighttime = snacktime. I’ve also been chewing sugar free gum and swilling gallons of tea anytime a craving kicks in.

I'm hoping to get in a lengthly walk with the puppy tonight, and then hit the hay early.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Commence pounding head on desk

I was totally going to stop the whole dieting madness. Because, although I’d deny and claim it was all way of life, living healthy blah blah blah, the reality was that I’ve been trying to diet for the past few months with various goals spurring me on. I say trying, because I have been resoundingly unsuccessful in sticking with anything for more than a few days. I’ve not lost an ounce, and may have in fact gained some weight.

And the “may have” is the reason I’m back here today, jumping back on the bandwagon. I tried on the bridesmaid dress that I’m going to have to be wearing for about ten hours, an unforgiving satin horror in teal that I’m currently struggling to zip up. Oh, and PS, the wedding is in ELEVEN days.


I’m so upset right now. I realize that this may sound frivolous, moaning about a dress, but I’m dreading the potential humiliation of not zipping the damn thing up. To make the stress worse, I’m going to be bloated from PMS at that time.

I also realize that it’s kinda silly to be getting to this point at the last minute, but I kept pushing of my weight loss (inch loss) goals… there was always a holiday or a barbeque or an ice cream cone, and the wedding seemed so far away. It was so easy to tell myself that I’d “get serious about losing the inches after this one last indulgence”.

So here I am, eleven days from my best friend’s wedding, hoping to drop an inch from my middle. I’m going to go low-ish carb (under 100 g/day) and mildly restrictive in the hope that I can at least lose the water weight.